what’s next?

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  • What’s Next Flash Cards
  • Learning aid: Salah & Wudhu
  • By: Learning Roots
  • Contains: 38 colourful FlashCards
  • Includes: Arabic & English Translation
  • Size: 10cm x 11cm
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These unique and adorable flashcards, by Learning Roots aid learning  how to perform wudhu and salah in an easy and fun way!


This exciting sequence game contains 38 wonderfully illustrated cards, covering prayer times, the actions of wudhi, the actions of salah and words said during prayer!

What’s Next Flashcards can be used at home, in a group setting (school/masjid) as a game or simply stick them on the wall in the bathroom/room you pray in as a learning aid!

These colourful flashcards have a smooth gloss laminate finish on both sides and measures 10cm by 11cm.





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