the seerah trail puzzle


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  • The Seerah Trail Puzzle
  • By: Learning Roots
  • 40 Piece Puzzle
  • Contains: Double sided timeline map
  • Size: 87cm x 58cm

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Capture the Seerah of the Prophet (saaw) instantly with the Seerah Trail Puzzle, by Learning Roots.


About the Seerah Trail Puzzle:

This giant (40 piece) floor puzzle maps out the main events from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saaw) and is filled with 20 removable tags that allow your child to learn, test and label the highlights of the Messenger’s (saaw) story.

The map measures 87cm by 58cm and contains a double sided timeline map 77cm long which explains the main events in the order they took place.

Timelines add chronological order to the discovery process, with separate sides for both the Makkah and Madinah periods of the Seerah.

Enhance the learning process by using the timelines and map together. Learn about the Seerah events using the timeline and then use the map to locate and label them.

There’s no other resource that captures so much of the Seerah in one place. Walk the Seerah Trail once, and you’ll wish to take this incredible journey time and time again!


It is our Islamic responsibility to educate our Children in Deen, especially about our beloved Prophet (saaw).

“We were taught about the life of the Messenger of Allah (saaw) like we were taught the Quran.”

(Ali b. Al Husayn b. Ali b. Abi Talib – the grandson of Ali b. Ali Talib)





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