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  • The Prophets Pond
  • Publisher: Learning Roots
  • Hard Back Cover Islamic Story Book
  • Pages: 28

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The Prophets Pond is a beautiful story by Learning Roots, inspired by the words of the Messenger of Allah (saaw) as narrated in Saheeh Al-Bukhari.
The Hawd (Pond) of the Prophet Muhammad (saaw) is the first place at which the righteous Believers will meet the Messenger of Allah (saaw) before entering Paradise. It has been vividly described in many authentic Ahadeeth and as such, belief in the Hawd is an essential element of a Muslims belief in the hereafter.
The Prophets Pond is a beautifully crafted tale, gifting children with a wonderful insight into the breathtaking descriptions, significance and splendour of the Hawd!
…Zayd is meeting someone by a special pond, but knowing it will be rather hard to find, he enlists the help of his mother before setting off on this journey. With each pond they encounter, Zayd’s description of the special pond becomes even more elaborate than the last, until his mother finally discovers what her son is actually in search for. Will Zayd ever find the special pond? And who does Zayd hope to meet if he finds it? You’ll have to join mother and son at the peak of their magnificent trek to find out…


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