peace and thanks on the farm

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  • Peace and Thanks on the Farm
  • Faceless Edition
  • Author: Elizabeth Lymer
  • Publisher: Aneesa Books
  • Soft Cover Story Book
  • Pages: 28
  • Size: 22cm x 22cm

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Peace and Thanks on the Farm is an adorable story book, written by Elizabeth Lymer.


A cute ecology book for children to enjoy learning animal sounds, spread peace to farm creatures, and to thank Allah for them. All of creation exists because of Allah, and our relationship with animals is one of interconnection.

This book encourages children to be respectful of animals through whom Allah gives us blessings.

This colourful and educational story book comes with beautiful illustrations by Zakariya Benoit-Elkaoui and is the faceless version of the book.


Peace and Thanks on the Farm makes great reading fun for little ones both at home and nurseries/kindergartens/toddler groups.


Here at Al Muttaqun, WE SUPPORT: Elizabeth Lymer


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