My Salah Reward Sticker Chart


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  • Salah and Wudu Reward Sticker Chart
  • By Muslim Stickers
  • Comes with 96 Reusable stickers
  • A3 Gloss Reusable Chart

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My Salah Reward Sticker Chart will help motivate and encourage your child to pray their five daily prayers in a fun and exciting way, In Shaa Allah.


The A3 gloss: My Salah Reward Sticker Chart is reusable and comes with 96 reusable stickers!

My Salah Reward Sticker Chart is a fun way to help your Child achieve a number of goals:

  • Getting into a regular habit of praying their 5 daily prayers
  • Motivates them to increase the number of Salah they pray each day
  • Reminds them when they have done their Wudu and which Salah they have prayed


Depending on your Child’s age – set a realistic target number of Salah they should read in a week

Put a Salah timetable in their bedroom to help them remember each Salah time.

Each time they do their Wudu and perform their Salah they can give themselves a sticker. To keep your Child motivated agree on an extra special treat they will get if they achieve their target!


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