My Islamic Behaviour Chart


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  • My Islamic Beahviour Chart
  • By Muslim Stickers
  • Gloss Wall Chart
  • Includes over 100 reusable stickers
  • Includes dry wipe pen

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My Islamic Behaviour chart is a fantastic way to help reward your Child and keep track of tasks such as praying, hygiene, eating healthy, active play, chores, reading Quran,  homework, kindness and manners in a fun and exciting way!


Most importantly, the chart can be customised to the individual needs of your child.

My Islamic behaviour chart is a perfect tool to bring structure, routine and togetherness to family life and to help foster independent Islamic activity, confidence and self-esteem.


  • Gloss Wall Chart
  • Includes 9 re-usable activity stickers
  • Includes 9 blank re-usable activity stickers
  • Includes 94 re-usable reward stickers
  • 1 Dry wipe pen


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