my first sheep


Product description

  • My First Sheep
  • Faceless Soft Toy
  • Size: approx’ 15cm x 17cm
  • Includes: A5 certificate
  • Includes: The Story of Ibrahim, by Darussalam

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My First Sheep, the perfect gift for Eid al Adha!


This adorable faceless sheep is made from super soft plush fabric (ears & face) and faux sheep fur fabric and comes complete with a beautiful gold bow!

My First Sheep also includes a personalised a5 sized certificate, for your little one to keep and treasure…

Read and learn about The Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), who was commanded by Allah (SWT) to sacrifice his beloved son Ismaeel (pbuh) as a test of his sincerity and obedience to Him. Allah (SWT), at the last moment replaced his son (Ismaeel) with a Ram/Sheep that was sacrificed instead: Eid Al Adha

There are many beautiful stories within this short book about Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) from his birth to his death – and his family, including the stories of when Prophet Ibrahim destroyed the Idols that the people worshiped and how the people tried to burn him in the fire and the story of the Zam Zam spring….



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