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This cute “My First Camel” is made from 100% cotton, the colourful checkered pattern adds a fun & exciting touch for children!

* Handmade with love in the UK
* CE Marked
* Size: Aprox’ 9.5 Inches
* Colour: Multicoloured

* Includes: Drawstring Backpack made from: Natural Cotton (Ethically Sourced)
* Drawstring Backpack size: 38cm x 42cm


This wonderful gift also includes a cotton (unbleached) drawstring bag, so you can take your Camel with you wherever you go out!
The featureless face helps encourage children to use their imagination so they can create their own emotions for the doll, helping to promote fun and creative play!

**Washing Instructions: Recommend to Hand wash cold or hand sponge small areas! (Do Not Tumble Dry)**


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