is it time yet?


Product description

Is it time yet?

Author: Asma Ahmad

Publisher: Alkokab Publications

Pages: 32

Soft Cover Story Book

Size: 20cm x 20cm

Is it time Yet, is a wonderful story book written by Asma Ahmad – about a young boy who is fasting and is trying his best to stay busy and not look at the time… but he just can’t help it!

Anas keeps asking his mother: “Is it time yet?” but she keeps saying: “No!”

Anas begins to think that iftaar time will never arrive…. This truly is a fun and relatable story to read, with colourful illustrations (all faceless).


Preview page:


“Mummy?” Anas called.

“Yes?” said Mummy who was cooking.

“I was wondering?” said Anas

“What were you wondering?” said Mummy.

“I was wondering if it was time yet?” asked Anas.

Mummy smiled. “No,” she said. “It’s not time yet. The sun is still shining. Why don’t you go and pray Asr with Daddy?”


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