eating like the prophet (saaw)

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  • Eating Like The Prophet (saaw)
  • 40 Prophetic Traditions in Rhyming English
  • Publisher: I.D.E.A Publications
  • Soft Cover book
  • Pages: 40
  • Size: 14cm x 21cm



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Eating Like The Prophet (saaw) is the first in the ”Just Like The Prophet” series.

This adorable book teaches the Sunnah practices of The Prophet Muhammad (saaw) in terms of eating, mentioning over 40 etiquette in sequence and in simple rhyming English.

Every line in the book has at least one Sunnah backed by a verse of The Noble Qur’an or Hadith!

Even though this adorable rhyming book is aimed towards children, adults can also benefit by its rhyming – easy to remember lines.


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