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The Way to Jannah Book Reveiw!

The Way To Jannnah

Author: Yasmin Mussa

Publisher: Learning Roots

About the Book

This adorable lift-the flap board book is a fun & exciting way to introduce & teach your little ones the different words of remembrance of Allah!

This short yet captivating story is about a little boy & his mother who are climbing up a wintery mountain path together. Throughout their journey the little boy asks his mother what words he must say if he wants to go Jannah? Each time the little boy takes a guess, your child simply lifts – up the flap (in the book) to discover what words of remembrance the little boy has said….

The little boy eventually guesses correctly, to which his mother responds:

Mummy Smiled. “If you say it with a sincere heart & live by it, then that’s what you say if you want to go to Jannah!”



As a mother to a four year old little boy Allahummah Barik, we’ve read this book many times mashallah & always enjoy reading it together!

Reading this book with your child is a great way to bond & interact with each other, whilst taking it in turns to read & lift-the flap – which my little boy loves to do every time!

This book is beautifully illustrated & very colourful, with short sentences & fairly large text – making it easy to read & consists of 16 pages.

I especially love the fact that this is a board book & the lift-the flaps are made of card, making the book very durable – which is a must have when little ones are about!

This truly is one of my favourite Islamic books to read with my son as it is both fun & educational & is also a great introduction to the teachings of the deen & beauty of Islam!


The Way To Jannah is available to purchase on our website: http://almuttaqun.com/product/the-way-to-jannah/

You can also pick up this adorable book as part of a multi-buy offer: http://almuttaqun.com/product/way-jannah-allah-knows/ & http://almuttaqun.com/product/way-jannah-allah-knows/



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