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fun learning and cooking!

Asalamalaikum to you all,

For those of you who do not know, I am a single mum with a four year old son Mashallah Tabarak Allah and he is my first and only child.

Motherhood is a constant learning curve with new challenges everyday… I can honestly say that I have learnt many valuable lessons and tips in these past four years and I know there are still many more to come In Shaa Allah!

I wanted to share with you my new breakfast routine that has totally transformed our mornings… Something I should have thought of sooner – but Alhamdulillah I know now!

I recently stopped giving my son breakfast cereals in the mornings as they are full of sugar and not the healthiest start to the day. Now I freshly prepare a healthy breakfast for me and my son, which takes around 10-15 minutes to make… compared to before, when pouring a bowl of cereal would take just a few seconds!

At first I started to give my son some colouring pencils and paper to play with whist I prepare our breakfast – which he enjoyed but would quickly get bored! So then I started to print or photocopy colouring – in activity pages for him to colour in. He loved this also, but sometimes with the busyness of life I would forget to print or photocopy more/new activity sheets for him and then would have to quickly source them – which would then cause me to loose time and add stress to the morning!

After these experiences I sat down and thought to myself “what can I do to make this better for both of us?” And then it came to me…. Why not use the “Fun Tree: Trace on Me Wipe Clean book!” It’s educational, fun, has many activities (in both English & Arabic) and there’s no preparing to do! Simply pick up the pen and write/draw and then wipe off with a piece of kitchen roll and onto the next activity… EASY!

I really love how the English activities are at the front of the book and the Arabic activities are at the back of the book (right to left/left to right).

My son absolutely loves this Book Allaahumma Barik and so do I! Now each morning when I’m preparing our breakfast, my son is sat at the kitchen table engrossed with his book and I can quickly cook in peace! It’s so nice to be able to utilise those 10-15 minutes in the morning productively and watch my son have fun and proudly and excitedly show me his work. This also helps to increase our bond with each other and is a refreshing start to the day Alhamdulillah!

This book can be used at anytime of the day and in any situation -for example, whilst sat in their car seat, on a train or a plane, at nursery/school or simply at home! I just wanted to share with you how this wonderful book has transformed me and my son’s mornings and replaces the TV with something educational and fun!

The “Trace on me” wipe clean book by Fun Tree Books is a wonderful and unique learning resource for Children aged 3+

Learn in the Arabic and English languages, the alphabets (including English uppercase and lowercase), numbers, colours, shapes, connect-the-dots, matching games for colours and English alphabet, and even a page just to draw without any boundaries! All of the pages are dry erase for repeated use and practice. This is an ideal activity book for homeschooling!

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  1. umm saafiyah says:

    mashallah sis…what a brilliant idea! it’s a great idea to use a wipe-clean resource for the children…eco-friendly and money-saving too! thanks for sticking such a fab product! 5 stars !

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