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  • Islamic Book for Youths: A Muslim Boy’s guide to life’s big changes
  • Author: Sami Khan
  • Recommended for ages 10-15
  • Pages: 48
  • Soft cover book
  • Size: 15cm x 21cm

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About the Book


“A Muslim Boy’s guide to life’s big changes”  is a fantastic Islamic Youth book for boys aged 10-15!

Have you ever had questions about growing up as a Muslim but didn’t know who to ask? Well this is the perfect book for your teenage boys!


Discover the exciting world of the growing Muslim teenager with this practical and easy-to-read guide.

“A Muslim Boy’s guide to life’s big changes” gives ‘brotherly’ advice on life in general from Islam and friends, school and home life through to the physical changes you will experience from the age of 11 onwards.

Book contents include the following topics:

Your Beliefs, Your Friends, Your Time, How you can become closer to Allah, The People around you, Your image, Changes in your body, Taking care of your body, Parting words, Quick Quiz.


This Islamic Youth Book really is a must have for teenage boys!




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